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How We Work

We have two ways of working: Retail and Pretail.




Exactly as you would expect: We Retail objects that are in stock and ready for immediate shipping from our online shop.

In this case you select the object you love and pay the full amount due at the time you place your order (plus any shipping fees and taxes).


We then immediately arrange delivery to you.






‘Pretail’ is a little different: We Pretail ‘limited edition’ objects, they are made to order.


In this case it works as follows:


  1. Select the object you desire.
  2. Provide us with the required size and any other requested specifications.
  3. Pay your deposit (a 50% deposit is required to confirm your order).
  4. We then reduce the number of limited edition’s available of that object by one. (For example, if the total limited edition’s available is 5, it would be marked down to 4 once you place your order).
  5. When we reach the required minimum number of confirmed orders we close the book, stop taking orders on that object and take the object to production.
  6. We allow 12 weeks for production (some objects may be completed earlier: we will keep you informed of progress).
  7. When production is completed we will request that you pay the remaining 50%.
  8. Each object is then beautifully packaged, hand signed, numbered, dated and sent directly to you.



Any Questions?


What dictates each number of limited edition Objects available?

Every object will vary depending on the agreements we have with our suppliers. Each of our Couture shoes for example is handmade individually, and is produced to the minimum run specified by our couture atelier.


What are the delivery times for the Pretail objects?

Delivery times for different objects will vary depending on when the order book for that object closes, and the complexity of producing the object itself.

Some objects are less complicated than others to produce: in these circumstances we can make and deliver to order within a few weeks.


What if the minimum number of orders is not placed for an object?

We realise some objects may never reach the minimum order quantity required to go into production and you will be informed should this happen and a full refund will be issued.


What if I change my mind?

You may need to retain your commitment to your order for some time (the point that the minimum order quantity is reached or 3 months, whichever comes first). During this time your circumstances may change. If you wish for whatever reason to cancel before the production run has started and a deposit has been taken you can do so (see Terms & Conditions). However once we have started production your deposit cannot be returned.

Why I Have Chosen To Pretail some of my designs

The pretail business model, by which I mean only manufacturing Objects that have been directly ordered by my customers, solves a number of fundamental problems at the heart of the fashion business.

From a designer’s perspective the business of fashion is one of constant compromise. It is a business that professes love of the new, but actually favours designs that are low risk: rehashes of models with a proven sales record.

Because creativity and innovation are considered risky, designers face pressure to create and offer shoes that will ‘sell’ rather than the shoes that they love.

I want to create shoes and other Objects that I love, without compromise. And I know that there are women out there who want them from me.

The pretail business model allows me to put design first, and to eliminate wasteful overproduction from my fashion business. It also allows women who prize uncompromising, original design to access beautifully made, small production run shoes without paying a retailer’s margin.

Georgina Goodman