Most of the design projects that emerge from the Georgina Goodman studio are part of a larger story, whether that is a creative process that we love and want to explore, or a narrative theme. Each shoe starts with a series of drawings and paintings and in this section of the shop you will find limited edition prints of Georgina’s works. Sometimes we can’t bear to constrain these stories to just shoes or the original drawing, and just itch to see them play out across other objects, or expressed through other media, be that via jewellery, ceramics, garments or fantasy objects.

Framed 'Round in Circles 1'
The Shibari Shoe Pendant
Framed 'Broken Heart 1'
Broken Heart 3
Framed 'Broken Heart 2'
Framed 'A Shoe Story'
Framed 'Amazing Souls'
Framed 'The Heart 1'
Framed 'A Doodle Lace'
A Doodle Lace Shoe 1
Framed 'Tangled Thoughts'
Georgina Goodman Framed Print
Georgina Goodman Print
Framed 'Bug Shoe'
Framed 'A Doodle Lace Shoe 2'
Georgina Goodman Framed Print
Framed 'A Doodle Lace Shoe 2'
Framed 'Flowers For Your feet'
Framed 'Flower Feet Shoe'
Framed 'Brave Face'
Georgina Goodman Art Plate
Framed 'I Open Up My Heart To You'
Love Lies Bleeding Shoe 1
Framed 'Love Lies Bleeding Shoe 3'
Framed 'Love Lies Bleeding Shoe 4'
Framed 'Love Lies Bleeding Shoe 2'
Framed 'Lace for your feet'
Framed 'A Token Of Love'
Framed 'A Feathered Nest'
Framed 'A poem of love'
Framed 'Bathram's Dirge' Poem
Framed 'Poem Shoe'
Framed 'Balancing Act'
Framed 'No End To This Beginning'
Framed 'Eyes For You'
Framed 'Round in Circles Shoe 1'